EUBS International UHMS Session: interviewing Dr. Gerardo Bosco

Dr. Gerardo Bosco is a physiologist and expert in hyperbaric and diving medicine and Director of a Second level Master at the University of Padova. He is also Vice President of the Undersea Hyperbaric Medical Society –UHMS (2016-2018).

Dr. Bosco will give a speech during the EUBS Congress on 14 and 16 September during the “EUBS_SPUMS_UHMS INTERNATIONAL SESSION” and “DIVING MEDICINE-CLINICAL ASPECTS” sessions.

Each year the UHMS association holds a Scientific Congress which in 2017 took place in Naples (Florida) from 29 June to 1 July. We interviewed Dr. Bosco after he came back from the USA to know more about the Congress.

Dr. Bosco, the UHMS Congress has just ended: which were the main goals of this 50th edition?

The annual UHMS Congress is an important moment of comparison and professional growth for all participants. The stakeholders who take part to these kinds of events are various: researchers, doctors, PhD students, experts in diving and hyperbaric medicine. The Congress is a unique opportunity to exchange practical and scientific ideas and information.

I believe that this is a noble and important goal for the scientific progress and in particular for the growth of diving and hyperbaric medicine.

In view of the EUBS 2017 International session, where there will be a comparison between Europe and USA, what are the main topics presented at the UHMS Congress in the USA and which are the research projects in progress?

The Congress timetable was the following: on June 28 there were some preparatory courses on specific topics, such as the treatment of diving accidents in remote places held by Simon Mitchell, while on June 29-30 and July 1 Peter Bennett and Richard Moon gave a series of speeches in plenary session. They recalled the wonderful history of this international scientific society through personal experiences. The President Enoch Huang gave a detailed report on the UHMS activities, also mentioning the partnership with the Italian SIMSI Society. John Feldmeier talked about oncology and Lin Weaver gave a speech about traumatic brain injury and they opened new clinical perspectives.

On Saturday July 1, I had the honor of chairing the plenary session, entitled “International Perspectives on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy”. I gave the speech together with Dr. Mahito Kawashima, Director of the Medical Research Institute and of the Orthopedic Hospital of West Japan and Dr. Folke Lind of the Hyperbaric Medicine Unit of the Stockholm Karolinska Hospital, expert in oxygen therapy and infections.

My speech focused on innovative therapeutic strategies in femoral head necrosis: at the University of Padova and in particular at the Department of Biomedical Science, we are giving particular attention to HBO2 efficacy in osteonecrosis treatment in order to understand the mechanisms of action. We have recently published a retrospective study that shows the efficacy of HBOT on 217 patients affected by avascular necrosis of the femoral head for 4 consecutive years and highlighted the role of osteoprotegerin stimulated by oxygen in bone neoformation.

Dr. Mahito Kawashima’s speech, instead, focused on innovative therapeutic strategies in order to treat chronic refractory osteomyelitis with antibiotic local spraying, while Dr. Lind’s speech dealt with innovative therapeutic strategies for the treatment of neurosurgical infections. Last, there were Stephen Tom and Simon Mitchell’s speeches on the future on diving and hyperbaric medicine. The presentations in e-poster sessions were great.

During the final gala evening, I had the honor of presenting the traditional Awards ceremony together with the President Huang. This year the winners were Wayne Gerth, Tony Alleman, Petar J. Denoble, Brett Hart, Cory R. DuBose and Yolanda Michetti.

You will be present as a speaker also to the EUBS 2017 Congress at the EUBS_SPUMS_UHMS International session. What will you talk about during the Congress?

Indeed, I will be at the EUBS 2017; a unique opportunity to foster a debate between UHMS, EUBS and SPUMS members and experts. I will give my speech entitled “Development areas for hyperbaric treatments and technology in the future throughout the world” together with Costantino Balestra. We will be chairs of this international session, involving also Enoch Huang and Jacek Kot, President of both UHMS and EUBS. EUBS will be another opportunity of comparison: the idea is that of identifying some common guidelines in the approach to HBOT in order to make this therapy recognized worldwide.

We thank Dr. Bosco for his availability and we are looking forward to listening to his intervention at the EUBS Congress 2017!



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