Regenerative Medicine and Surgery: interviewing Dr. Davide Melandri

Dr. Davide Melandri, medical surgeon, specialized in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, is the Head of the Romagna Local Health Board Severe Burn Centre and of Forlì and Cesena Dermatology Departments. He is also Coordinator of the Romagna Region Vulnology Service and Director of the Regenerative Medicine Business Plan.

Dr. Melandri will participate to the EUBS Congress on September, 15 during the “ECHM Workshop” session with the speech “Regenerative Medicine in Wound Healing”.

Dr. Melandri, could you please explain which areas and specific issues your business is focused on?

My activity is mainly focused on burns treatment, dermatology and plastic surgery concerning traumatic and non-traumatic acute and chronic wounds (i.e.: ulcers), skin and soft tissues substance loss and their treatment, not only in conventional surgery but also with new approaches in regenerative medicine and inductive surgery. Another highly developed sector is the increased complexity skin oncology sector mainly dealing with melanomas and carcinomas.

What will be the topic of your speech at the EUBS Congress?

My speech at the EUBS Congress will be an unique opportunity to present the state of the art and the experience of our group in medicine and regenerative or inductive surgery sectors, not only in the fields of dermatology and plastic surgery but also in other specialized branches.

In your opinion, what are the three factors that have most influenced and changed the sector you are dealing with?

The three factors that have most influenced the sector I deal with are the development of decellularized dermal matrices, growth factors therapies and the regenerative medicine cross-cutting impact.

We thank Dr. Melandri for his availability and we are looking forward to listening to his intervention at the EUBS Congress 2017!

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