Intensive Care in Hyperbaric Medicine: interviewing Dr. Marco Brauzzi

Chief Medical Officer in permanent service for the Italian Navy, Dr. Brauzzi is specialized in Physiopathology of the Underwater Works, Swimming and Underwater Activities Medicine, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. He is also Professor of Underwater Medicine and Hyperbaric at  University “S.Anna” at Pisa and Coordinator of Study Group SIAARTI Underwater and Hyperbaric Emergencies.

Dr. Brauzzi, could you please explain which areas and specific issues your business is focused on?

Until 1996 I dealt almost exclusively with Diving Medicine in the military field with special reference to both bounce and saturation diving in deep water up to 250 meters. In particular, I worked in the field of the divers and commandos’ psychophysical health evaluation, performing research activity in the study of decompression algorithms.

Then, I dedicated to Hyperbaric Medicine with particular interest to the treatment of patients in critical conditions. I’m author of numerous publications about this topic.

What will be the topic of your speech at the EUBS Congress?

My speech will deal with my current main interest, that is to say Intensive Care in Hyperbaric Medicine. Indeed, I’m the current coordinator of the Hyperbaric Emergencies of the Italian Society of Anesthesia, Analgesia, Resuscitation and Intensive Care.

In your opinion, what are the three factors that have most influenced and changed the sector you are dealing with?

The answer is not easy. I believe that the three factors that have most influenced the sector are the following. Firstly, the constant increasing number of dysbaric diving accidents with the use of closed and semi-closed apparatus with need to update the therapeutic protocols. Secondly, the growing awareness of the role of hyperbaric therapy in carbon monoxide poisoning emergency treatment with the need to build an emergency network of hyperbaric chambers more and more effective and efficient. Lastly, the urgency to update technologies, in particular of electro-medical equipment used in hyperbaric medicine for an increasingly more effective treatment of critical patients.

We thank Dr. Brauzzi for his availability and we are looking forward to listening to his intervention at the EUBS Congress 2017!

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