Become sponsor

Introduce your company to the world of the underwater and hyperbaric medicine. You can do so in the prestigious location of the Congress Palace of Ravenna, situated in the historic centre of the town. We are waiting for you!

Why should you become sponsor of EUSB 2017?

Here three good reasons to become sponsor:

  1. Reach your public
    As a sponsor you’ll be in contact with a large number of people interested in the products and activities related with the underwater, the hyperbaric medicine and with the oxygen therapy. Doctors, technicians and experts are enthusiastics of the sector and the word-of-mouth among them is the best advertisement.
  2. Opportunity for networking
    You’ll have the possibility to interact with other operators in the sector and networking can be useful for the development and improvement of your company.
  3. Introduce new products or services
    You can promote your activity or you products directly to the most interested people, answering to their requests and curiosities.
How do you become a sponsor?

Contact us and will send you our proposals. You will find the sponsorship scheme that better suits your needs.