Costantino Balestra

Prof. Costantino BalestraCostantino Balestra is full-time Professor & Head at the Haute Ecole Paul Henri Spaak in Bruxelles. Vice-President DAN Europe Research & Education Area Director DAN Europe Benelux & France. Author and co-author of more than 150 Scientific publications. He has recently published a book “The science of diving – Things your instructor never told you” together with co-editor Peter Germonpré (Medical Director of the Centre for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy of the Military Hospital Brussels, Belgium).


Personal data

Born the 13th of February 1964 in Udine (Italie)
Belgian (2nd nationality Italian) nationality
Tel.: +322/387.37.14

Professional background

Since 8/12/2006 Member of the Belgian National Scientific Board for Motor Sciences
Since 15/4/2005 Part time professor at the SCUOLA SUPERIORE Sant’ANNA (Pisa) , Complements of physiopathology of diving. (10 h/yr)
Since 2004 Legal Expertises; National and International on Scuba Diving problematics
Since 28/06/2004 Part Time Professor at tha Padua University (3 Credits) in Motor Sciences (Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia, Corso integrato di scienze e tecniche del movimento II, Attività formativa : Principi e metodi di valutazione motoria e attitudinale.
Since 09/2004 Expert for the Belgian Habilitation Commission C.A.P.A.E.S.
Since 01/05/2002 Full Time Professor Haute Ecole Paul Henri Spaak. (Pôle Universitaire de Bruxelles Wallonie)
Director of the Environmental & Occupational Physiology Laboratory (Haute Ecole Paul Henri Spaak)
Since 15/09/2001 Lecturer for the pedagogic habilitation studies (Université Libre de Bruxelles) (Pôle Universitaire de Bruxelles Wallonie
Since 17/05/2000 Special Projects Director for Europe for the Diving Safety Lab (DAN Europe)
Since 20/03/2000 Lecturer for the Belgian Osteopathic College. (Methodology of Applied research).
Since 11/08/1999 International Consultant on disbaric problematics applied on Astronauts.
Since 23/02/1998 School of Medicine University of Belgrade : Visiting Professor at the post graduate studies in Baromedicine.

Diving Experience

DAN Oxygen First Aid Trainers Examiner (1994)
IDC Staff Instructor (PADI) (1998)
INSTRUCTEUR C.M.A.S. 3***, Instructor trainer IDEA ; CEDIP 3***.

Education and training

2004 Second PhD thesis : Is the Cardiac Foramen Ovale an Increased risk for dysbaric injuries ?
2004 Pedagogic Habilitation (CAPAES)
1995 PhD (NEUROPHYSIOLOGY) : “Contribution to the understanding of the neurophysiological mechanisms of fatigue in humans.” (grande distinction)
Annexed Thesis : “Scuba Diving and Disabilities a doppler study in the field.”
1986 Master in sciences (Sports Sciences)