Jacek Kot

Prof. Jacek KotDr. Jacek Kot is Associate Professor at Medical University of Gdansk. Head of Department of Hyperbaric Medicine and Sea Rescue National Centre of Hyperbaric Medicine. Specialist in anaesthesiology and intensive care. Professional interest includes hyperbaric medicine, critical care, diving operations and safety, saturation decompression and sea rescue.



Personal data

Born on November 26th, 1966
Phone no. : +48 58 6600048
email: jkot@gumed.edu.pl

Professional background

After receiving full specialization training in anaesthesiology and intensive care, he started working at the National Center for Hyperbaric Medicine in Gdynia, Poland.  Since 2000, he actively participated in COST-B14 project on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy with his participation in the management committee and leading of the Working Group on Safety in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (May 2004). Since 2002 he works in the CEN/TC359 on Hyperbaric Chambers.

General Secretary of the European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine (ECHM).

Diving experience

Professional diver 2nd class, Diving instructor (CMAS), Nitrox instructor (CMAS, TDI), Semi-closed rebreather instructor (TDI), Trimix diver (IANTD)
Since 2010 – Supervisor of the Students Science Group on Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine of the Medical University of Gdansk.
2007 – Supervisor of the licentiate (bachelor’s degree) in the Rescue and First Aid in Diving Accidents in the Medical University of Gdansk.

Education and training

2000 – Second Degree of specialization in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care
1997 – He received doctoral degree (Ph.D.) at the Military Medical University of Lodz, Poland with a doctoral thesis “Programming of nitrox saturation expositions in the medical system for hyperbaric habitats” (promotor Prof. T. Doboszynski).
1993 – First Degree of specialization in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care
1991 – M.D. in Medical University of Gdansk, Poland