Grants and awards

The Travel Grant is a grant given to student researchers in order to allow them to be present at the EUBS 2017 to present their work (oral or poster).

 The following conditions apply: 

  1. The applicant shall be registered as a full-time university student in a relevant field.
  2. The applicant shall be working towards a scientific degree with relevance to diving or hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
  3. The applicant shall submit an abstract to this year’s annual meeting, which must be accepted for presentation, and prepare a paper of their presentation to be sent to Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal within the current calendar year. This paper should be of enough quality to merit peer review. Although publication cannot be guaranteed, the editors of DHM will assist in every way they can. 
  4. Oral and poster presentations will be equally acceptable.
  5. The number of students receiving a travel grant may vary from one year to another, depending on number of applicants.
  6. The absolute size of each individual travel grant may vary according to actual size of travel expenses, but the relative amount, i.e. per cent of travel cost on economy class, will be the same for all recipients in one particular year. The maximum amount attributed is 800 Euros per applicant. This amount is destined for travel costs only (flight + hotel), not e.g. poster printing or registration.
  7. The deadline for the submission of applications will be announced in the second announcement for the actual meeting.
  8. The application must include:
  9. A statement from the student’s supervisor confirming that the student is registered as a full time university student in a relevant field and is currently working towards a scientific degree.
  10. An abstract submitted for presentation in the meeting.
  11. A detailed budget on travel expenses to the meeting. The travel should be as economical as possible.

 A Research Grant is an incentive for young researchers involved in diving and hyperbaric medicine.

 The following conditions apply:

  1. The applicant must be employed by or working for a Research Institution and must be working on an approved research protocol (the applicant shall submit a statement from the research institution’s Director confirming this)
  2. The applicant must submit an abstract and participate in the next EUBS Annual Scientific Meeting
  3. In the final report of the research, EUBS financial support must be acknowledged; EUBS Excom needs to receive a copy (paper or pdf) of the final published paper or PhD thesis
  4. The applicant is encouraged to submit the scientific paper to the Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal

Applications for the Travel Grant and the Research Grant will be evaluated by the EUBS Research & Education Committee.

Please send to the Organizing Secretariat the requested documents only by email to:

  Zetterström Award :

“The Zetterström Award” for the best poster presentation at the EUBS Annual Meeting. It consists of a diploma and one free registration to the next EUBS Annual Meeting for one of the authors of the winning poster, if all conditions are fulfilled. The winner must have a paper from their poster sent within 12 months to the Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal for peer-review and possible publication.

 Authors submitting a poster abstract for the Zetterström Award must bear in mind that this abstract/paper must not have been submitted or accepted for publication in other journals

The authors who wish to participate in the Zetterström Award should indicate on their abstract submission form that no other Journal is currently reviewing the poster or paper.

 The registration fee for the winner will be reimbursed by the EUBS ExCom upon a formal reimbursement request to EUBS ExCom by the awardee. Only the amount of the early

registration fee will be reimbursed.

 Musimu Award

 The Musimu Award is given for the best poster or oral presentation on Breathhold Diving. The winner is encouraged to submit a paper from their presentation to DHM, however, this is no prerequisite for receiving the prize. 

The prize consists of a diploma and a reimbursement of the registration fee for the next year’s EUBS conference for one of the authors of the winning presentation. It is reimbursed by the Belgian Society for Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine upon a formal reimbursement request.